Ubiquiti IsoStation

Ubiquiti IsoStation – Get Maximum Gain out of the Smallest Footprint

In the WISP quest to connect people and things, the unlicensed RF environment is getting crowded every moment and WISPs have to deal with interference every time. Even worse, there isn’t enough space any more for co-location especially with the traditional antenna design. As solution providers, we understand this problem; Not only so, but also intentional about solving it. We bring you, the Ubiquiti IsoStation M5 and 5AC, with interchangeable PrismAP Horn Antennas.

Ubiquiti IsoStation
Ubiquiti IsoStation M5 and 5AC, with Interchangeable PrismAP Horn Antennas.

Here’s why…

It gives you improved noise immunity with the tailored antenna radiation patterns that spatially filters both in-band and out-of-band spurious RF emissions. This feature is especially important in an increasingly congested RF urban environment.

Ubiquiti IsoStation
Improved Noise Immunity

Its modular design gives you options to interchange the antenna, to improve beam‑shaping for specific deployment needs. By default, the IsoStation 5AC includes the symmetrical horn antenna with 45° beamwidth which is interchangeable with either the 30°, 60°, or 90° antenna.

IsoStation 5AC
Interchangeable PrismAP Horn Antennas

Horn antennas offer breakthrough scalability options for wireless systems, increasing co-location performance without sacrificing gain, thus allowing for a higher density of sectors compared to traditional sector technology. This makes them ideal for cluster sector installations with high co-location requirements.

Ubiquiti IsoStation
Increase Co-location Performance Without Sacrificing Gain

Your network gets extended radio performance enabling you to reach and serve a greater number of customers by providing high throughput using AC wireless technology.

Ubiquiti IsoStation
Extended Radio Performance

So, there you have it! Problem solved! Do take advantage of our deals and get the best prices for the Ubiquiti Isostation M5 and 5AC, and Ubiquiti PrismAP Horn Antennas.

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Buy the Ubiquiti IsoStation M5

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