In wireless age, more devices are going online. From a service provider point of view, this translates to high demand wireless networks. It calls for rigorous planning, to ensure everyone is connected…that’s the goal right? That being the case, such high demand wireless networks require personalized solutions. No other vendor understands that better than Cambium Networks. Why? They have considered critical needs that are required to build robust and IoT-ready wireless access networks. Flexibility – Ability to rapidly create custom connectivity with the best enterprise wireless solutions that adapt with your evolving needs. Scalability – Networks that can grow gracefully from a handful of subscribers to thousands of connected residences, businesses, and field equipment. Reliability – Network solutions that are proven, rigorous and reliable over the long term, reducing maintenance costs and delivering a low total cost of ownership. Manageability – Ability to monitor network performance in real time, and manage software and hardware with a bird’s eye view of the end-to-end network Cambium Networks understands these needs and has developed the best personalized wireless network solutions to get everyone connected.

In partnership with Optace Ltd, they present you the ePMP line of access network solutions

Access Points & Range Extenders


Radio & Wireless Systems