Cisco 4331/K9 Integrated Services Router

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Cisco 4331/K9 Integrated Services Router – Get your branch site ready for digital

Protect your branch site and prepare it for the future with the Cisco 4331/K9 Integrated Services Router digital-ready platform. Simplify day-to-day IT management. Provide a scalable, flexible foundation so you can quickly integrate leading IT initiatives like SD-WAN and edge compute, while meeting the explosive network performance need driven by cloud-based application adoption.


Quick Specs

Cisco ISR 4331 – 2 RJ45 GigE ports, 2 SFP ports, 2 NIM slots, 1 ISC slot, 1 SM slot, 4 GB flash memory default, 4 GB DRAM default, 100Mbps-300Mbps system throughtput, Security, Voice, WAAS, Intelligrnt WAN, OnePK, AVC


Feature Highlights

Virtualization Ready – Host virtualized network functions and applications at any time and in any place. Flexible deployment options mean freedom of choice.

Network Automation – Cisco SDWAN is a set of intelligent software services that allow you to reliably and securely connect users, devices, and branch office locations across a diverse set of WAN transport links. SDWAN-enabled routers like the ISR 4000 dynamically route traffic across the “best” link based on up-to-the-minute application and network conditions for great application experiences. You get tight control over application performance, bandwidth usage, data privacy, and availability of your WAN links – control that you need as your branches conduct greater volumes of mission-critical business.

Network Services – The Cisco 4000 Series ISRs consolidate many must-have IT functions, including network, compute, and storage resources. The high-performance, integrated routers run multiple concurrent services, including encryption, traffic management, and WAN optimization, without slowing your data throughput. And you can activate new services on demand through a simple licensing change.

Branch Threat Defense – Protect your branch site across the LAN and WAN and in the cloud with security integrated into the router. You no longer need a separate security appliance.