ePMP 3000 Sector Antenna – 5GHz, 17dBi, 4×4 MU-MIMO

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ePMP 3000 Sector Antenna Overview

Cambium Networks has deployed more than five million radios around the world achieving unparalleled degrees of scalability. Continuing the tradition of designing and manufacturing industry leading antenna solutions, the ePMP 3000 4X4 sector antenna encompasses all the key differentiations of the Cambium Antenna line and adds 4X4 Multi User MIMO Capability. Designed to work in 5 GHz spectrum and 90 degree coverage, the antenna is an integral part of the ePMP 3000 Access Point and allows for Multi User MIMO Operation.



Frequency Re-use: Designed for ABAB channel re-use (two channels covering four sectors), the sector antenna has a minimum 30 dB front to back ratio over a wide rear facing aperture.

Channel Flexibility: Consistent gain from 4.9 to 6.0 GHz allows the operator to select a channel anywhere in the band and achieve the expected performance.

Consistent Coverage: Excellent null fi ll capabilities of the antenna allow for broad geographical coverage within a sector even near the base of the tower and the edges of the sector.

Designed for the Installer: Small, compact design, integrated ePMP radio mount and GPS antenna integration.

Predictable Performance: The sector antenna is integrated into Cambium Networks LINKPlanner. The 3D model shows coverage at all elevations and across the azimuth.



17 dBi gain

4.9 to 5.97 GHz spectrum

30 dBi front to back ratio

IP 65 ruggedization