Extralink CAT5E SFTP Outdoor Twisted Pair 305m

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Extralink CAT5E SFTP Outdoor Twisted Pair 305m

The Extralink CAT5E SFTP Outdoor Twisted Pair 305m cable is built from 24 AWG copper conductor pairs coated by 1.02mm HDPE . Pairs isolated by anti-crosstalk divider, shielded 0.05mm aluminum foil and secondary braid. Additional drain wire helps ground ESD attacks. All coated PE outer jacket 0.55mm thick, designed to work in every weather and environment.
Cable packed in to 1000ft. (304.8m) easy to use rolls. Special internal rotating mechanism prevents cable damage while unrolling.


Product specification

Conductor type :Bare copper

Conductor diameter : 0.49mm ± 0.005mm

Conductor AWG :24

Insulation type :HDPE

Insulation diameter :1.02mm

Braiding :0.12mm AlMg x 60

Drain wire :0.5mm CCS

Shielding :Al Foil 0.05

Outer jacket type :PE

Outer jacket colour :Black

Outer jacket thickness :0.6mm

Outer jacket external diameter :7.2mm ± 0.2mm

Max.linear resistance :≤105 Ω/km

Mutual capacity (nom.) :56 pF/m

Unbalance capacity max (p/p at 1 KHz) :1600 pF/km

Unbalance Conductor DC Resistance :≤3 %

Characteristic impedance (1 at 100 MHz) :100 ± 15 Ω

Velocity of propagation (f>1MHz) :66 % of c